About Jottum

Individual, original and authentic, with a dash of romance and nostalgia: that's Jottum.

It's a brand where lyrical fantasy, daring and romance go hand - in hand, making the collection timeless yet contemporary. Jottum' s designs have a universal, individual character about them that appeal to the princess within every girl. It comes from the volume and the feeling of richness. As a girl, you simply feel beautiful when you wear clothing by Jottum.

Jottum first saw the light of day in 1996, and its clothing is instantly recognisable. It's completely different from other children's clothing brands and has become successful all over the world, despite - or possibly thanks to - its pure Dutch character.

From Amsterdam to Milan; from Beijing to New York: wherever you go, you will find small girls (and their mothers) who simply love clothing from Jottum.